• Proprietary Research Study

Amphoteric Surfactant Industry Study

An extensive evaluation of amphoteric surfactants markets for a new manufacturing facility.

  1. Identification of Amphoteric Surfactant Suppliers in North America
    • Capacities and Location (including planned capacity/plant closures)
    • Process Technologies
    • Product Emphases
    • Relative Competitiveness
  2. Assessment of Supply and Demand by Country in North America
    • Historical and Future Supply and Demand, 1992-2007
      • By End Use
        • Personal Care
        • Food Processing
        • Household
        • Industrial and Institutional Cleaners
        • By Product
        • Suppliers' Overall Market Shares
      • Assessment of the Importance of Interregional and International Trade
        • Identifies the Degree of Importance of Trade in Amphoteric Surfactants within NAFTA Countries
        • Outside NAFTA Countries
      • Review of General and Technical Developments
        • Identifies Suppliers Conducting R&D Activities in Canada and North America
        • Reviews New Developments in Products and Applications
      • Description of Market Opportunities and Risks
        • Market Outlook
        • Niche Markets
        • Strengths and Weaknesses of Existing Amphoteric Surfactants
          • Relative to Other Competitive Materials
        • Environmental Regulations and Risk Factors for the Future in North America
      • Identification of the Sales Process and Channels of Distributions
        • Distribution Channels
          • Distributors
          • Formulators
          • End Product Manufacturers
        • Identifies Major Merchant Customers
          • Locations
          • Product Type and Use
          • Markets Served
          • Satisfaction with Current Suppliers
      • Estimation of the Price and Range of Production Costs
        • Price History and Forecast, 1992-2007
          • Imidazolines and Betaines
        • Impact of Distribution Costs
        • Approximate Range of Existing Producers' Production Costs Based on Typical Margins
      • Conclusions and Rationales With Regard to the Feasibility of the Proposed Plant
        • Market Penetration Strategies



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