• Proprietary Research Study

The Use of Detergent Builders and Oxygen Bleach in Detergent Markets

This in-depth study of the dynamics of detergent ingredient markets investigated the trends and outlook for builders and bleaching agents. The scope covered each major world region providing:

  1. Detergent Volumes by Type
  2. Per Capita Usage Forecast to 2015
  3. Suppliers and Capacities of Bleaches and Builders
    • Percarbonate
    • Perborate
    • Zeolite
    • STPP
    • Sodium carbonate
    • Sodium silicates

Study Contents

  1. Ingredient Demand Forecast to 2015 for the various bleaches and builders
  2. Threat Analysis to the Use of Bleaches and Builders
    • Environmental Aspects
    • Legal Aspects
    • Customer Behavior/Preferences by Region
    • Other Threats


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