• Proprietary Research Study

An Evaluation of North American Detergents, Surfactants and Linear Alkylbenzene

World LAB supply/demand balance by region, including:

  • New plants, expansions and anticipated closures
  • LAB production and consumption (including highlights of the anticipated changes over the forecast period)
  • LAB exports/imports by world region

North American detergents and surfactants consumptions by category, including:

  • Major changes that occurred in these markets
  • Highlights of the anticipated changes over the forecast period and impact on LBS consumption

Anticipated impact of NAFTA agreement and potential impact resulting from negotiations on the North American LAB supply, demand and price.

North American LAB price, including underlying forecast assumptions (crude price, raw material cost and other production costs: where possible) and highlights of other major factors that could potentially influence the North American LAB price in the future.



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