• Proprietary Research Study

A Market Survey of Normal Paraffins for Possible Entry into this Business in One or More Regions of the World

The study contains the following information.

  1. The current suppliers and users of normal paraffins.
  2. Current typical supply arrangements and agreements, specific arrangements where known.
  3. The quality of available products which compete successfully in the market. Specifies end use markets for which superior product qualities, due to low concentration isoparaffins and no sulphur or aromatic content, might provide a competitive advantage.
  4. Prices of normal paraffins for commercially available chain length cuts.
  5. The benefits of FDA approval for use of normal paraffins in food and drug related applications are reviewed. Other barriers to entering these markets will be examined.
  6. Supply and demand for normal paraffins by cut and by region worldwide.
  7. Conclusions regarding the client's competitive advantage in this business, and a summary of strategic opportunities in specific markets and regions.



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