• Proprietary Research Study

An Evaluation of PEA vs PBA Gasoline Additives

The study addresses the following points:

  1. Performance differences - PEAs vs PBAs -- in general, and with respect to controlling and/or reducing combustion chamber deposits and resultant engine performance.
  2. Price differences - PEAs vs. PBAs -- and effect on cost per gallon of gasoline. Also, cost/performance comparisons between the two classes of additives.
  3. Factors affecting long term growth of PEA vs PBA -- foreign and domestic.
  4. Demand elasticity - if prices for PEA-based additives could be reduced, would overall demand improve in gasoline?
  5. Technology - is this a "high-tech" business? What are the primary barriers to entry into the PEA and/or PBA-based additives business?



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