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Linear Alkylbenzene (LAB) Market Report

All the news of interest to LAB market participants.

Surfactant Developments Newsletter

Global producers, unique economics, hard currency needs and new technology developments.

Available Studies

Primary Surfactant Opportunities

Regional Markets to 2025

Completion Q4-2016

CAHA’s new study provides a thorough analysis of the strategic developments, market trends, new technology, and threats and opportunities that are reshaping the surfactant industry.

Detergent Alkylates

World Markets to 2025

Completion Q3-2015

A comprehensive study which details the production, capacity, trade and supply/demand balance by region for both linear and branched alkylbenzenes.

Higher Alcohols Forecast to 2025

Completion Q1-2013

Colin A. Houston & Associates new 700 page study includes supply/demand data, forecasts, and in-depth, insightful analysis of the global higher alcohol market.

Normal Paraffins

World Market 2007-2017

Completion Q1-2009

After several years of doom and gloom from a threatened surge of oleochemical-based surfactants, the n-paraffin market was awoken in 2007 to potential shortages due to strong demand following the failure of the oleochemical threat.