Alpha-Olefins – World Markets, 2000-2010 and Alpha-Olefin Market Intelligence Database

Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc.

For alpha-olefin producers, profitability depends on finding and winning the right mix of customers while optimizing alpha-olefin production and disposition by chain length.  A major purpose of CAHA’s study is to provide comprehensive data and analysis that will support the development of successful alpha-olefin production, sales and marketing strategies.

For alpha-olefin customers, it is imperative to understand the short-term and long-term availability of individual chain lengths and the competitive position and potential strategies of their suppliers.  CAHA’s study profiles each producer and comments on expansion plans and new suppliers, and it explains in detail the supply/demand outlook for each chain length by region.

The Alpha-Olefin Market Intelligence Database, containing all the key tables from the study, is available to subscribers on the Internet at  A confidential username and password are assigned when the study is purchased.