Detergent Alkylates – World Markets to 2025

Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc.

Detergent Alkylates – World Markets to 2025 is a comprehensive study which details the production, capacity, trade and supply/demand balance by region for LAB.  Major factors affecting the outlook are examined including raw material requirements, surfactant consumption trends, novel technological developments, production costs, prices, sulfonation capacity, and environmental issues, among others.  Historical and forecast consumption of LABS are reviewed in depth for the 2005-2025 period by application and end use, incorporating an understanding of the formulation trends, competition with alcohol-based surfactants, consumer preferences and customer-oriented requirements.  A brief discussion of each of the main chapters is provided in the prospectus.


Report Contents

  1. Raw Materials
  2. Technology and Economics for LAB
  3. LAB Markets and Pricing
  4. Surfactant End Use Market Trends and Issues
  5. Environmental Issues
  6. Linear and Branched Alkylbenzene Sulfonates