Higher Alcohols to 2025

Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc.

Higher Alcohols to 2025 explores the issues for this key surfactant intermediate.  It compares the status of oleo alcohols in 2005 to today and considers the role of coexistence with petro-based alcohols that would appear to be threatened by the announcement of a second million tons/year wave of new oleo capacity between 2011 and 2013.  If the composition of the higher alcohol market is to fundamentally change, there are a series of issues for producers and customers to recognize. Much of the market is captive.  The number of large buyers is limited.  Upstream and downstream integration each play a strong role.  The outlook for the companies that convert merchant alcohols to derivatives is always pressured by integrated competitors.  Oleo producers are affected by the effects of co-product economics.


Report Contents

  1. Raw Materials
  2. Higher Alcohols Technologies
  3. Higher Alcohols Supply
  4. Higher Alcohols Demand
  5. Higher Alcohols End Uses
  6. Surfactant End Markets
  7. Producer Profiles
  8. List of Tables
  9. List of Figures