Industrial Applications of Surfactants – North American Forecast to 2010

Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc.

Surfactant consumption in the eight industrial applications covered in this study is expected to grow at a fairly modest average annual rate of 2.4 percent, from 1.5 billion lbs in 1998 to over 2.0 billion lbs in 2010. However, growth rates for individual surfactants in specific segments range from negative, e.g., APE use in Paper, to as high as 8.7 percent/year. Environmental concerns and new technology are creating new opportunities for alert suppliers to improve their position through technical and/or marketing expertise. CAHA’s new study analyzes all the factors affecting surfactant use in each application, and provides the data and insights needed for suppliers to take advantage of these emerging opportunities.

The accelerating pace of mergers, acquisitions and cooperative agreements is another key trend affecting the market for industrial surfactants. Alliances between major players in Ag Chem, Paint, Paper and other applications are realigning the surfactant customer base, while consolidation and repositioning among surfactant producers has been changing the supply structure.  The study analyzes this new competitive environment and its implications for surfactant suppliers.

Industrial Applications of Surfactants – North American Forecast to 2010 is CAHA’s sixth comprehensive multiclient study of industrial surfactants in North America.  It is designed to provide specific market intelligence to support surfactant sales and planning.